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Claire hated being left out of things. She hated it when things were purposely kept from her. She hated it even more when people acted like nothing ever happened.
It always meant something was wrong.
"Oh my god... you... you really-" Claire hadn't yet peeked into the kitchen, but she knew the voice was that of her eldest brother, Gabriel.
There was a tense sigh from Lillian, their birth mother, "I know, Gabriel. It's shocking. But... you have to admit that this is a fairly commonplace thing that happens. Hell, if you were in my position you would have done the same thing!"
"Okay, yeah, maybe I would have," Gabriel snapped, regaining any lost composure. "But to flat out LIE about it? From your own KIDS? And you're telling me this god-knows-how-many fucking years after it happened?!"
Lillian remained calm despite her hot-headed son quickly losing his patience, "Gabriel, you were only twelve at the time. I don't think you would have understood had I told you then-"
"I wouldn't have unders
:icontraumachick777:TraumaChick777 0 0
Family by TraumaChick777 Family :icontraumachick777:TraumaChick777 1 2 Nana-Bot Updated Reference by TraumaChick777 Nana-Bot Updated Reference :icontraumachick777:TraumaChick777 0 0
Awakening - Part 1
I don't know how long I've been here... I just remember suddenly seeing light. All around me. Beautiful, golden light... So thick and warm that you could feel it and almost touch it.
There were always voices, far away from wherever I was in this place of light. Sometimes they came closer, but they never spoke directly to me. They would always say something along the lines of "It's not ready yet. Just give it time, and it'll be ready..." I never really understood what they meant by 'ready' or even who they were, but they sounded important, just from the way they spoke.
One day they spoke to me. "I believe you are finally ready ready now... but first, I want to ask you a few things, okay?"
I couldn't believe it. They were really talking to me, and they said that I was ready! I was excited, even though I didn't know what I was ready for.
This was the first time I had ever used my voice. I don't really remember what it sounded like, or if I could even describe it in the first place.
:icontraumachick777:TraumaChick777 0 0
Birthday Betta by TraumaChick777 Birthday Betta :icontraumachick777:TraumaChick777 4 5 New Gourami by TraumaChick777 New Gourami :icontraumachick777:TraumaChick777 2 0
Comments make me smile :meow:


last word by Bluiestar
Mature content
last word :iconbluiestar:Bluiestar 5 0
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This stuff is made of awesomeness :iconimhighplz:



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So with me getting Ultra Sun on Saturday (with a free keychain!) I was hoping that I could catch some pokemon that weren't available in Sun to make the pokemon parties of my OCs, and with some researching today I found out that at least one of them it is possible to make the full team!

Steelix - Onix is obtainable through island scan on Melemele island on Tuesdays, I just need to find a metal coat and someone to trade with
Blaziken - Combusken is obtainable through island scan on Akala island on Tuesdays, and can level it up in my party to Blaziken
Aggron - Aggron is available through island scan on Poni island on Mondays, and it's already in its final form
Aegislash - Honedge is still available through island scan on Akala island on Wednesday and can level it up normally to Aegislash
Garchomp - Gabite is still able to be captured in Haina desert
Golurk - I got lucky with this one! Golett/Golurk are version exclusives to Ultra Sun, and can be captured in Haina desert as well

So looks like I'll be able to make Claire's full party! Which is nice because I modeled my player character after her :D

Sceptile - Grovyle can be found using island scan
Charizard - Charmander can be found using island scan
Milotic - Feebas can be caught at Brooklet hill, need a prism scale and someone to trade with
Umbreon - Eevee can be caught on Routes 4 and 6
Mimikyu - Can be caught at the abandoned megamart
Salamence - Bagon can be found on Route 3 and Kala'e Bay

Gabriel's full party can be made too!

Lucario - Riolu and Lucario can be caught in Poni Grove
Mienshao - Mienfoo can be caught in Vast Poni Canyon
Ampharos - I already caught a Mareep just outside of Paniola ranch
Jolteon - Eevee is obtainable, as stated above
Raichu - Technically obtainable, but Cain has the Kantonian form, which cannot be obtained in Alola unless traded from a previous game (which I do not have pokemon bank)
Mewtwo - Can be caught in Ultra Space wilds

Can be made, but would prefer to have the Kanto Raichu if possible. If not then no big deal.

Metagross - Beldum can be caught on Mount Hokulani
Espeon - See above entries
Slowking - Slowpoke can be caught in several places (but would need a king's rock and someone to trade with) and Slowking can be caught in Kala'e bay
Gallade - Ralts can be obtained through island scan
Bisharp - can be caught on route 17
Magnezone - Magnemite can be caught very early in game

Also can be made!

Sylveon - Eevee is obtainable
Klefki - Can be found in the abandoned megamart
Dedenne - Can be caught on Blush Mountain
Gardevoir - Ralts can be found through island scan
Ninetales (Alolan) - Can be found on mount Lanakila and in Tapu Village, also a Sun version exclusive!
Diancie - As I suspected, can only be obtained through an event/trade

All but Diancie can be obtained in game, but I'm sure I can find a Diancie somewhere or maybe there's an event where it's distributed. That's how I got Keldeo/Volcanion


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I'm a complete and utter mess. Now have some stamps to learn about me because I'm too lazy to describe myself properly.
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