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Not sure how many of my watchers are familiar with the Touhou series, but either way buckle up. It's gonna be a wild ride. Time for my review of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom!

Stage 1: Pretty easy stage, nothing I haven't dealt with before. I'd say it's about as hard as stage 1 of Subterranean Animism, and I know that like the back of my hand. Music is... interesting, to say the least. Not bad, but I prefer the stage 1 themes of Subterranean Animism and Perfect Cherry Blossom

Stage 1 Boss - Seiran: Oh yay, maniac rabbits. No coincidence Reisen is a playable character in this game (although I personally prefer to play as Reimu or Sanae). Music... eh, it's decent, but kinda forgettable in my opinion. As for the boss battle itself, she's about as tough as Rumia from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, if less random. All in all, a really easy first stage boss.

Stage 2: Music was definitely unique, and the patterns of the stage were a little trickier, but fairly simple to figure out.

Stage 2 Boss - Ringo: Apparently Ringo is a rabbit... I can't be the only one who thought she was a goat girl at first, right? Anyway, I really enjoyed Ringo's theme. It's a pretty piano piece to listen to while you're dodging her fairly simple nonspells. Her first spell was a little tricky for me, but it's really a matter of dodging everything. Second spell was also interesting and a lot easier for me. Last spell was a little overwhelming and I had to use a bomb just to clear the screen. P.S. I think it's adorable how Ringo gains strength by eating dango.

Stage 3: Very cool background on this one, and the theme is kind of interesting but not too memorable. Patterns are fairly simple once you can figure them out, laser-spawning fairies weren't a huge deal for me. A lot of it's a matter of misdirecting or streaming the enemy attacks.

Stage 3 Boss - Doremy Sweet: Finally a boss with a last name! Design-wise, I think Doremy is freaking adorable (save for her stocking cap- the color clashes with the rest of her outfit) and with her tail I like to think she's a cute cow girl. Very interesting and catchy theme, but she's where I started having trouble. I was WAY overthinking her second spell. Just let the bullets form around you and dodge in a small circular/square pattern. Doremy's 'dream catcher' spell with all the lasers was really cool and for me, fairly simple. Just let the lasers surround you and then dodge. Her last spell is a pain in the ass though

Stage 4: The scenery is breathtaking, the music is beautiful and almost peaceful at first, but then the game hits you with a complete clusterfuck of lasers, aimed attacks, dense bullets, and an aneurysm-inducing midboss. A lot of the aimed attacks you can stream, but the sheer number of bullets on screen makes dodging a pain in the ass.

Stage 4 Boss - Kishin Sagume: She's cute and I thought her wing was a cape at first. Her theme is definitely memorable, but not my cup of tea. As for her attacks? Nonspells look a lot easier to dodge than they are for me. First spell wasn't too bad, just simple streaming/misdirecting. Second spell wasn't too bad but it had me claustrophobic. Third spell was really easy: just shoot down the spirits and dodge any other projectiles. Her last attack is stunning from a visual point of view, but not all too difficult if you know where to hide when the lasers come at you (the two parallel lasers are usually a safe bet)

Stage 5: I adore the music on this stage. You're on the moon, far away from home, it almost creates an atmosphere of loneliness and insignificance in the presence of the moon and space. But enough about the theme, the stage itself is actually really hard. Like, I was playing on easy mode (sue me) and the first stage of Perfect Cherry Blossom on LUNATIC was easier than this. Oh my god, so much to dodge... really, REALLY overwhelming, especially for someone like me who has trouble processing a lot of sensory information at once.

Stage 5 Boss - Clownpiece: The bane of my entire fucking existence. Her theme is cool, creates an air of madness (fitting since that's Clownpiece's main power). Speaking of madness, holy shit she's a pain in the ass. Her nonspells involve either trapping or chasing you with lasers and shooting stars at you. First time I played LoLK I could never make it past her first spell card. There was only one spell card of hers that I didn't die more than ten times on, and I died two or three times on that one. She's got two survival spells I think, and both of them involve her hurling goddamn moons around the screen. When I finally beat Clownpiece, I was nearly in tears because I had been stuck on her for so long.

Stage 6: Starts out stormy and turbulent, then quiets down into an almost lullaby-like theme... Gives me chills every time, I swear. It's kind of fitting for this stage too, again creating an air of loneliness and feeling so small among the celestial bodies. As for the spells during the stage? All the spirits spawning at once in a jagged line reminds me of the later stages of Subterranean Animism- one of my all-time favorite Touhou games. The later part of the stage where you have to dodge the falling lines of bullets is fun, but gradually gets a little crowded.

Stage 6 Boss - Junko: Holy fuck I love Junko. I love her theme, her design, she's close to goddess status (her BFF is the goddess of hell), technically a MILF, and her spells are visually stunning. From a player's point of view, her spells are a LOT harder than they look. All those rings remind me of Parsee or Flandre's nonspells, but holy cow these rings get so dense and so close together you've gotta be 100% focused to dodge them all. I gave up after dying about 30 times on her final spell. I can't dodge everything once the blue rings come into play. 

Haven't played the extra stage yet (because I haven't unlocked it), but the stage theme has a killer bass, Doremy makes a comeback with some rainbow danmaku, and then Junko comes back with Hecatia Lapislazuli. Cool theme, very... interesting spells, even if I'm not a huge fan of Hecatia's design. I mean... come on, ZUN, her concept is cool and I love the planets chained to her neck with one sitting in her hat, but the rest of her outfit...? It's just tacky, especially the skirt. Doesn't fit the touhou aesthetic at all. I could understand it more if she was trying to be modern but failing, but... yeah, her design just irks me below her neck.


Emily / Foxx
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Okay let's see here... I'm a:

-Marching band geek (I play flute)
-Video game enthusiast
-Japanese street fashion lover (Lolita fashion is my favorite)
-Socially awkward dork
-Animal lover
-Genderfluid (DFAB). Preferably They/them/their pronouns, but he/she are also fine. I'm pretty lax about it.

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