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The result of playing too much Trauma Center and Touhou project =_=
Basically if six of the characters (seven including extra boss) were bosses in a Touhou game, what spell cards and titles they would have based off of their character (or in some cases, pathogens they're tied to). Again, just made this up purely for my own amusement. Enjoy. Descriptions/explanations contain spoilers.

Stage 1 Boss: Hank "The Courageous Eagle" (many Captain Eagle, much brave, such courage, wow)
Rock Sign "Falling Stones" (Rock Solid)
Strength Sign "Feat of Strength" (Hank's unnatural strength)

Stage 2 Boss: Maria "The Fiery Hero" (burned down the orphanage she was in, likes being a hero)
Hero Sign "Selfless Savior" (saved Rosalia from the fire)
Fire Sign "Burning Temper" (pretty obvious considering her personality"
Fury Sign "A Hero's Frustration" (morons not listening to her)

Stage 3 Boss: CR-S01 "Prisoner of the Frozen Wasteland" (a prisoner locked in a freezer)
Memory Sign "Amnesia" (fairly self explanatory)
Blood Sign "Sleepless Red Eyes" (his eye color and I doubt he gets much sleep)
Remorse Sign "Betrayal" (betrayed by professor Sartre)
Cold Sign "Frozen Soul" (locked in a freezer, and his icy/cold demeanor)

Stage 4 Boss: Derek "Prince of Stars and Time" (both related to his Healing Touch)
Star Sign "Big Dipper" (stars for the Healing touch, and a constellation)
Hope Sign "Persistent Dreamer" (Derek never giving up his dream of becoming a surgeon after his father's death)
Time Sign "Awakened Power" (the first time he used the healing touch and slowed down time)
Star and Time Sign "Final Blow" (the last part of the savato battle in which Derek fully stops time in order to deliver the final blow to savato)

Stage 5 Boss: Naomi "She Who has Transcended Death" (in the events of Trauma Team, lived with a terminal illness and had her heart stopped, but lived... and she talks to the dead)
Remorse Sign "Overwhelming Guilt" (fairly obvious considering her connection to Delphi)
Death Sign "Screams of Restless Spirits" (ability to communicate with the dead)
Oracle "Vision of Future Plagues" (Delphi is an oracle)
Terminal Ailment "Lifeless Heart" (from the events of the final operation in Trauma Team)

Final Stage Boss: Reina "Goddess of the Four Aeons" (the strains of Neo Guilt are named after the four aeons of Gnosticism, and it wouldn't be a stretch to see Reina as a 'goddess' or 'creator' of Neo-Guilt)
Newfound Knowledge "Memories of Burst Stars" (Nous increases knowledge, and the tumor is star-shaped while the smaller ones burst if you mess up)
Superhuman "Unnatural Strength" (Bythos, which increases physical abilities)
Heightened Focus "Great Silence" (Sige, heightens one's focus and Adel referred to it as "the Great Silence"
Eternity "Barrage of Past, Present, and Future" (Aletheia, halts aging and utilizes almost every strain of guilt from the previous games and the current one)
"Omniscient Eye of Truth" (rapidly flashing veins at the end of the Aletheia fight, Aletheia's title)(Reina cannot take damage during this spell card, it must be timed out)

Extra Stage Boss: Markus "The Disgraceful, Scarred Youkai" (Disgraced and scarred are both synonyms for Stigma/stigmatized, and I interpret Markus as being similar to Touhou youkai in behavior: lives for enjoyment and probably likes to sleep... a lot)
Hand "Unwelcome Surprise" (Professor Wilkens being infected with Cheir)
Body "Artificial Being" (the first Soma patient had artificial blood, which also created Stigma in the first place)
Eye "Unrelenting Grudge" (Ops is the one that made asshole Bello faint after talking shit about Caduceus and the protagonists, and of course on single player, Ops is a pain in the ass to handle)
Claw "Hidden Punishment" (onyx will hide itself in the organ and attack if left alone for too long or if a copy is attacked, and also is the pathogen that the protagonists of New Blood are forced to operate on while held hostage)
Arm "Suffocating Grip" (Brachion, and how it normally attaches to the lungs from what I remember)
Heart "Sealed Pulse" (the part of the Cardia battle where you have to extract the membranes, where the Cardia itself is "sealed" in an outer shell)
Heart "Desperation" (Cardia becomes much more active when vulnerable and will dash about on the heart, leaving behind tumors)
"Father of Stigma" (Markus' nickname given by Master Vakhushti, also Markus cannot take damage during this spell and it must be timed out)


Emily / Marshall
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United States
Okay let's see here... I'm a:

-Marching band geek (I play flute)
-Video game enthusiast
-Japanese street fashion lover (Lolita fashion is my favorite)
-Socially awkward dork
-Animal lover
-Genderfluid (DFAB). Preferably They/them/their pronouns, but he/she are also fine. I'm pretty lax about it.

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