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The three Royal Valkyries from my original series, that is. Been developing their world for a while, but haven't shared much of it.

Rules: Answer all the questions regarding one OC
Tag 5 people once finished!
Eat a dick, rules! I do what I want!

OCs Chosen: Queen Mhoharih, Princess Lotus, and Princess Gabriella

1. What’s the first thing your OC thinks about when they wake up in the morning?
Mhoharih usually thinks about what her tasks are for the day or what's going on in the kingdom and the surrounding lands, Lotus immediately checks on her Secret Garden (only accessible by portal), and Gabriella thinks about past battles.

2. Does your OC believe that there’s no “i” in “team”?

For the most part, they each like to stand alone, but know how to work together in dire circumstances

3. Has your OC ever run away from a dangerous situation?
Mhoharih hasn't, but Lotus and Gabriella have, only because Gabriella was almost fatally wounded.

4. Name one thing that is guaranteed to make your OC laugh.
Mhoharih will laugh at just about anything (with all the responsibilities she has as Queen, she needs to laugh), Lotus laughs at cute animals or plants, and Gabriella almost never laughs.

5. Does your OC like to plan ahead?
They must plan ahead for just about anything. Coming up with battle strategies has more than one use.

6. How does your OC kill time?
Mhoharih usually hangs out in the throne room of the castle, but will sometimes go around and visit the other Valkyries. Lotus tends to garden or raise animals, and Gabriella usually spends her time alone in either her chambers or the Royal Armory (again, only accessible by portal)

7. What is your OC’s most valued material object?
They each have their own Legendary Hammer, handed down to them by the Mother Valkyrie. Lotus' is known as the Wealth Bringer, Gabriella's is the Rift Walker, and Mhoharih's is the Dawn Breaker (totally not a skyrim reference)

8. What would your OC score on an IQ test? Would they agree with this score?
Gabriella and Mhoharih would be average in terms of "book smarts" and Lotus being almost genius level there, but Mhoharih makes up for it in her social skills and Gabriella in combat and strategy.

9. Is appearance a big deal to your OC?
All of them yes, even if they don't like to admit it. Lotus does admit she loves her collection of fancy dresses from around the world. Mhoharih wears a dress-like garment, but does have armor covering parts of her (torso, arms, and her legs underneath the skirt). Even Gabriella, who always wears a full suit of armor, makes sure it's neat and polished before going out.

10. Can your OC whistle?
All three of them can, Lotus just tends to do it more.

11. Does your OC prefer animals to people, vice-versa, or both?
Mhoharih prefers the company of other Valkyries, while her two younger sisters prefer their own pets (Lotus has a variety of creatures, Gabriella keeps mostly dragons).

12. Does your OC take time to self-reflect at all?
All three of them, Gabriella especially.

13. Does your OC invite company to their home often?
Well, I'm assuming the countless Valkyries that live in the castle and their prisoners don't count, so not much. Although Gabriella likes to sneak in her lazy demigod friend, Cronus.

14. Would your OC prefer to travel on foot, or through a faster mode of transportation?
Well, since they have wings they usually prefer to fly, although they each enjoy walking.

15. Does your OC make their own outfits/armor?
Gabriella does, but Lotus and Mhoharih usually have a few Worker Valkyries make clothes or armor.

16. Does your OC use silverware or would they rather just eat with their hands?
Hands unless they're eating soup, stew, etc or at special feasts. Although even then Gabriella will either slurp from her bowl or use her hands at a feast.

17. Does your OC snore?
Mhoharih does.

18. Which of your OC’s 5 senses are strongest?
Gabriella's is smell, Lotus' is sight, and Mhoharih is her hearing.

19. Does your OC change their appearance often?
Mhoharih is always changing her hairstyle, trying braids, ponytails, cornrows, dreadlocks, anything really. Lotus mainly wears a different dress every day. And Gabriella wears the same suit of armor every day and almost never changes her hairstyle except to get it under her helmet.

20. Is your OC well-liked?
Mhoharih is well liked and respected by just about everyone. Lotus is aloof, but generally looked up to and admired. Older Valkyries have a distant admiration for Gabriella, the young ones are usually scared of her.

21. Is your OC optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic?
Mhoharih would be optimistic, Lotus is mostly realistic, and Gabriella tends to be pessimistic.

22. Does your OC prefer knowledge, or wisdom?
Wisdom for all three.

23. Does your OC have to worry about money?
They're royalty, so almost never.

24. If your OC has friends, what are some of the qualities your OC has that made them friends? If they don’t have friends, why not?
Gabriella's demigod friend Cronus is stubborn and vain and lazy, but he likely admired Gabriella's bravery and raw honesty (and he has a crush on her... Even though he's like 5"2 and she's around 8 feet tall and thousands upon thousands of years older)

25. Does your OC prefer warm weather, or cool weather?
All prefer warmer weather.

26. Does your OC tend to hoard junk?
Gabriella likes collecting weapons, armor, and tools; Lotus collects clothes, plants, and animals; Mhoharih likes collecting jewels and treasure.

27. Does your OC suffer from headaches, body aches, or the like? If so, what causes them?
Gabriella has chronic pain from the Rift Walker's effects of never being able to be healed by magic. Not to mention she has a few 'souvenirs' from past battle inside her body.

28. Is your OC a trouble-maker, or a peace-keeper?
They try to be peace-keepers, but sometimes Gabriella's temper gets out of hand

29. What are your OC’s thoughts on the concept of slavery? (Whether it is a problem in their world or not)
All find it abhorrent, due to seeing its effects firsthand.

30. Does your OC have any unusual talents or abilities?
Well other than flight and near immortality, all three can 'smell' fear and to some extent, evil. Mhoharih uses Holy Light magic and can emit a burst of light that destorys dark creatures, Lotus uses Earth/healing magic and can communicate with animals, Gabriella uses Hellfire magic and- in rare circumstances- can trigger natural disasters.

31. What would be your OC’s favorite movie genre?
Well, movies don't exist in their world, but Mhoharih would like comedies, Lotus would enjoy nature documentaries, and Gabriella would either like horror or historical documentaries covering wars.

32. Would your OC be better at an obstacle course, or a standardized test?
Obstacle courses.

33. Is your OC good at lying?
All three are terrible liars.

34. In high-stress situations, does your OC panic, or remain calm?
Each may or may not panic internally, but absolutely cannot show it

35. How many languages does your OC speak?
They each speak English, Latin, and some Ancient Languages.

36. Why/how did they learn more than one language? If they only know one language, why is that?
Ancient texts, spell books, and they're all just really, really old. (But look somewhat young)

37. Is your OC easily distracted?
They can't afford to be.

38. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?
Mhoharih's love for her kingdom and her own kind, Lotus' garden and her pets, Gabriella has Cronus and her dragons

39. Is your OC selfish?
Not really.

40. Does your OC look down at the ground while they’re walking, or do they look forward?
Mhoharih always has her head up, Lotus looks down at her feet, and Gabriella has a bit of a thousand-yard state.

41. Does your OC like hugs?
Mhoharih: definitely. If you're not careful she might accidentally choke you.
Lotus: If she's in the mood, she's generally a hug person.
Gabriella: Unless you have a death wish, don't.

42. Is your OC patient? Why or why not?
They are, but Lotus and Gabriella can get a bit cranky if kept waiting.

43. Would your OC ever prank anyone? Who?
Mhoharih would prank anyone. Just not Gabriella. (Gabriella is technically the youngest, but the tallest and probably the scariest)

44. What is your OC’s main goal right now?
Gabriella is the only one with a specific goal: feel comfortable in social events and be liked by her subjects, not just revered.

45. Does your OC have any pet-peeves?
Mhoharih doesn't have any, but Lotus can't stand loud noises and Gabriella hates states.

46. Does your OC ever think about their future?
They all like to live each day as it comes.

47. Has your OC ever compromised their beliefs? If yes, why? If not, would they ever?
Lotus is usually a pacifist, but has executed a demon before after it killed one of her pets.

48. What is your OC’s greatest accomplishment, to date?
Mhoharih has been ruling an entire kingdom for thousands of years and there's never been a revolt, Lotus has her enormous garden and what's basically a zoo, and Gabriella is one of the fiercest warriors to ever live in the Valkyrie Kingdom.

49. Does your OC like the storms?
Lotus doesn't, the other two do though.

50. What are your OC’s middle and last names?
They don't have last or middle names, but they have different titles that are REALLY long. See:
Gabriella, Princess of Destruction, Harbinger of Death, Guardian of the Underworld
Lotus, Princess of Creation, Harbinger of life, Guardian of the Earth.
Mhoharih, Queen of Eternity, Harbinger of Rebirth, Guardian of the Heavens.

51. A head-canon you have for your OC?
Mhoharih is the only one who has seen the Valkyrie Mother. Gabriella keeps a knife strapped to her leg when she can't wear her armor. Lotus blesses the fields after they've been planted/tilled to help the crops grow and produce more. Mhoharih has quite a few lovers within the castle. Lotus rarely, if ever eats meat. Gabriella is in a relationship with her short demigod bae Cronus.


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Okay let's see here... I'm a:

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-Genderfluid (DFAB). Preferably They/them/their pronouns, but he/she are also fine. I'm pretty lax about it.

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